Participative Play for Children and Adults

By Carla Giúdice


The Beauty-Witch came from the Witches' Kingdom to look for people who want to act.

“If a good show she can provide, for the Witches' Art Academy she can fully qualify “

So beware! it's your chance to join her act. She pays with candies and that's a fact!

The Beauty-Witch brings along a mission,

"She will practise the Art of Fun!!!"


Children and adults participate with complete freedom to choose their own way to express themselves, with no conditionings to their choice.
In this Circus, new spaces are generated for the participants to be listened to,to be paid attention, to be stimulated and observed by the audience.

It is a recreational play because it is built up by different games and it is also educational because by means of games “the Artists” also learn how to make decisions, make choices and to express themselves through the performance. Free expression is encouraged.


Each performance is special, unique and unrepeatable. It is about 60 minutes long and can be performed in different places such as theaters, parks, schools, birthday parties and parties in general.

It can be performed either in English or Spanish.

The play costume is by Cintia Vietto, A. Suarez and A. Dangelo, the illustrations by Ignacio Carbonari and the original soundtrack by Sebastián García Ferro.

Play translated to English by Naty Barry and website by Flor Delgado



The Beauty Witch Circus was realeased in 2000 year, at " Pro-Arte Foundation in Bs. As - From 2000 to 2011 the play was performed in Argentine cities like : Villa Gesell , Cariló, Pinamar, Mar de las Pampas, Mar Azul, Mar del Plata, Miramar , Necochea, San Martin de los Andes, Junìn de los Andes, Rio Cuarto - Còrdoba, Rosario y Buenos Aires. It was performed in theaters , Amphitheaters, seaside resorts, hotels, schools, kindergardens , dining rooms, streets and squares.

Theaters, Cultural Centers, and Auditoriums at Buenos Aires.

2011 - YMCA Auditorium Buenos Aires
2011 - Cultural Center –Ituzaingó – Bs.As.
2009 – Tatersal - Hipòdromo - San Isidro – Carlos Pellegrini Event
2008 - Buquebús Silvia Ana and Atlantic - 22 shows at Buquebus - Buenos Aires / Montevideo
2008 - Macabi Buenos Aires
2007 - Mattel Toy Store
2003 - Japanese Garden Auditorium - Bs.As .
2003 - El Teatro Gregorio de la Ferrere . Morón - Bs.As.
2003 - La Casa Cultural del Abasto - Bs.As.
2002 – Centro Cultural El Aleph – Flores – Bs.As.
2002 - El Centro Cultural y Artístico Ana Pavlova from Villa Ballester - Bs.As.-

Festivals and Meetings

2006 - Winner of the 3erd National Price of the contest of Living Statues organized by the UCES –Bs.As.
2005 - 3erd. Theater and Video Festival for kids - San Martín de los Andes
2003 - 3erd. Festival for kids "Entre telones y Pantallas " - Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas de Rosario (CEC)
2002 – 42nd. National Theater Festival for kids - Necochea
2000 - 1st. National Meeting of Theater from Villa Gesell at "La casa de los Artistas"

Some Schools and Kindergardens

Escuela Argentina Modelo, Colegio del Sol, Colegio de las Estrellas, Escuela Nro.24 Distrito Escolar 11, Bs.As., Jardines de Villa Lugano., Escuelas Nro. 2 y 4 - Municipio de Morón, Colegio Don Bosco Ramos Mejía , Colegios de: Villa Gesell, Río Cuarto- Córdoba y San Martín de los Andes, Escuela Infantil Diàlogos, Comedor y Jardin Maternal Chacabuco, Jardin Amanecer. Instituto Villa Ballester - Bs.As - (Deutsche Schule) - Jardín Flores y Florcitas- Jardín de los Cerezos – Colegio Inglès de Rosario – Centro Educativo Latinoamericano de Rosario – Jardìn de Infantes Soldadito Argentino.

Other Cities

Summer Season - Argentine Coast :

- La Casa de la Cultura de Villa Gesel (2000 to 2010) and Centro Cultural El Ventanal.- C.C. Pipach, Peatonal Geselina.
- Comedores Infantiles y Centro Comunitario del Sur
- Feria del Bosque de Cariló
- Temporada de verano 2005 Pinamar
- Anfiteatro Las Gaviotas de Mar Azul, (2004 y 2005)
- Anfiteatros de Mar de las Pampas -(2003 , 2005,2008, 2009,2010)
- Acto en Caminarte 2005- Pinar del Norte - Gesell. (Corredor del patrimonio Intangible)
- Teatro San José y Jardín de Infantes Nro. 12 - Ciudad de San Martín de los Andes
- Casa de la Cultura de Junín de los Andes (2005)
- Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas de Rosario (CEC) (2002 /03),
- Centro Cultural M.Lavardén de Rosario (2002)
- Centro Cultural El Séptimo Fuego de Mar del Plata (2001).
- Street performer at Villa Gesell (2000-2011)

Plays, Living Statue, and Magic Shows in outdoor spaces

Hotels: Austral, Bahía, Margéz, Algeciras, Holliday In y Algeciras (Pinamar)
Seaside Resorts: Arco Iris ,Cocoplum, Cap Arcona, (Gesell) y Posta Norte (Pinamar).
Squares and others: Plaza Francia, Parque Lezama, Arte al Día Bs.As. Gallery Nithts, Feria de Rosario, Estación de Tren. Peatonal de Villa Gesell.

Restaurants and Pubs: Tazz de Palermo, Luigi Bs.As., Spettuss Bs.As, Jumback, Sutton, Popeye y Cachavacha de Gesell, Brujas Bs.As., Cámara de Comercio de Quilmes. - Holliday In Bs.As – Casimiro – La Quintana.
Comedores Infantiles y Centros Comunitarios
The Beauty Witch has participated in 6 Contests of Living Statues organized by UCESS at Bs. As..
Cumpleaños de Niños y Adultos.

She visited more than 200 houses to host parties.

On Television

The Beauty Witch participated in "Hola Fantasía" show presented by Laura Fretes (2004). She was at many interviews at TV programs as: Much Music, Crónica T.V. , T.V. from Germany and Spain, Channel 9, Channel 7, Channel 13 from Bs.A, Channel from Villa Gesell, Channel from Cable Hogar in Rosario and Channel 5 from San Martín de los Andes.